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Media Policies | Football Press Box Policies Credential Request Form

The Reinhardt University Sports Information Department is available to assist members of the media in their coverage of all RU teams. If you should need any further information or materials, such as game notes, newspaper or magazine clippings, or video footage, please contact Mike DeVader in the RU Sports Information Department.

Below are the media policies for Reinhardt University Athletics. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact the Sports Information Department.

Media Policies


Credentials for Reinhardt football games must be requested no later than 48 hours before kickoff, typically by Thursday at noon for that week's game. Requests should be made by using the Credential Request Form, located at the link just provided or at the top of this page. Season credentials will only be granted to media outlets that cover RU on a regular basis. All other requests will be considered single-game requests.

To confirm receipt of requests, please contact Mike DeVader at 770.720.9129 (office). To mail or fax a request, please use the contact information below:

Mike DeVader
Reinhardt Director of Athletic Communications & Media
7300 Reinhardt College Circle
Waleska, GA 30183

Print media, including daily and weekly newspapers, national magazines, and fan publications representing RU and the opponent for the event that is being contested will be qualify for credentials. Other requests will be considered based on space limitations.

Radio stations or web broadcast persons that are working the game for RU or its opponent must still request credentials. Notification must still be made a minimum of 48 hours prior to kickoff.

Reinhardt Athletics reserves the right to deny media credentials to any individual that is not affiliated with an official news gathering organization. This includes, but is not limited to, bloggers who do not regularly cover Reinhardt events, persons who send out newsletters to email recipients in a manner that could be considered "spam" or workers for newspapers who simply plan to show up for a game and not actively work the game for their employer.

Interviews and Photo Opportunities
All interviews and photo opportunities with RU student-athletes or coaches must be arranged through the Reinhardt University Sports Information Department. Please give at least 24 hours of advance notice for interview requests. Cell phone numbers for student-athletes will not be given out and student-athletes will be instructed not to speak with media (whether by phone or at the end of a class period) without first being contacted by a member of the RU Sports Information Department or one of the student-athlete's coaches on behalf of the RU Sports Information Department.

Student-athletes and coaches are available for interview before or after practice when arranged through the RU Sports Information Department. All interviews should be arranged by speaking with Mike DeVader at 770.720.9129.

Postgame Interview Policy
The RU football locker room is closed to the media, although student-athletes and coaches will be made available by request after a 10-minute cooling off period following the conclusion of the game.

A representative of the RU Sports Information Department will gather requests from the media during the latter part of the game. Coach James Miller will be available prior to player interviews. Interviews involving the opposing team are left to the discretion of the opposing sports information staff.

Injury Information
The Reinhardt University Department of Intercollegiate Athletics will fully abide by federal HIPPA standards with regards to release of injury information. If the student-athlete does not consent to the release of injury information, RU officials will be restricted in regards to informing media of the student-athlete's status.

Coaches reserves the right to have open or closed practice at their discretion. Media interested in attending practice must contact the RU Sports Information Department to make a request for a time and date to attend a practice session. If the session is approved, only the practice area will be available to members of the media.

Media Services
The RU Sports Information Department will provide the following materials for media covering the Eagles:

  • Pre-game Notes Package
  • Final Statistics (including play-by-play, if requested)
  • Game Program (including rosters)
  • Wireless Internet
  • Telephone and fax access
  • Food and beverage (as available)

Additional requests can be made to the sports information staff prior to the event.

Football Press Box Policies

  • Only persons who are credentialed to be in the press box area at Ken White Field will be allowed in the press box.
  • All persons who are credentialed to be in the press box area at Ken White Field must be actively working while they are in the press box. If it is determined that those persons are not working, they will be asked to leave.
  • The "North" room of the press box (farthest from the Field House) is reserved for visiting team coaches.
  • The "South" room of the press box (closest to the Field House) is reserved for home team coaches.
  • Both teams will be allowed a maximum of two players that will be credentialed to go from the field to their designated room in the press box.
  • The center of the press box is designated as follows:
  1. Statistics – Far right of press box (two persons)
  2. Scoreboard – Left-center of press box
  3. Game clock – Center of press box
  4. Play clock – Right-center of press box
  5. Public address – Far left of press box (one person)
  • Working Media that is credentialed for the press box will be placed on top of the press box on the North end, farthest from the Field House.
  • Visiting broadcast crews will be placed on top of the press box on the North end.
  • Home broadcast crews will be placed on top of the press box on the South end, closest to the field house
  • Any Reinhardt University workers or media members that are credentialed for the press box who are deemed to be cheering excessively will be asked to leave Ken White Field and will be stripped of their credential for the remainder of the season.
  • All persons credentialed in the press box are requested to refrain from wearing items that are in support of teams that are not competing in the game being contested.