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Top Wrestling Programs Collide as Eagles Earn Third-Place at National Duals

Top Wrestling Programs Collide as Eagles Earn Third-Place at National Duals

By Mike DeVader, Reinhardt Director of Athletic Communications & Media

LOUISVILLE, Ky. – The Eagle grapplers lined up against more elite squads from the NAIA over the weekend in the National Duals, as No. 2 Reinhardt went 3-1 and took home a third-place finish in the event.

The hometown squad is now 14-2 following results against Midway (Ky.) (W, 45-3), No. 5 Oklahoma City (W, 24-12), No. 15 Life (Ga.) (L, 21-13) and No. 6 Baker (Kan.) (W, 20-18).

"We are pleased but definitely not content with third-place," head coach Jeff Bedard said. "Proud of our staff – Matt Moley and J.R. Virnich. This weekend showed us a few things and we are grateful for all the lessons we learned this weekend; good and bad. We really didn't wrestle to our capabilities, but our guys showed a lot of character. Antonio Stewart and Justin George had some good wins as both were undefeated over the weekend.

"As a team, we have a lot of work to do before nationals. It's our job as a staff to make sure we make the necessary adjustments before nationals. I am proud of our program and staff, but never satisfied with third-place. We are here to WIN NATIONAL TITLES!!! Back to the process on Tuesday and that's what WINS titles; consistency and hard work."

Against Midway, Koby Milner got Reinhardt on the board with a major decision before the opposing Eagles got back within one at 4-3 following a decision as well. The hometown Eagles would then take flight and never look back after winning eight-consecutive outings to wrap up the contest, including three-straight falls between 149, 157 and 165 pounds. Reinhardt would add even more pins between Antonio Stewart and Nicholas Jarvis at 184 and 285, respectively.

No. 2 Reinhardt vs. Midway (Ky.) (45-3)
125 Koby Milner (Reinhardt) over Michael Parker (Midway) Maj 14-5 0 4.0
133 Brent Newcomer (Midway) over Jordan Pitt (Reinhardt) Dec 6-3 3.0 0
141 Jody McAlister (Reinhardt) over Anthony Caruso (Midway) Maj 9-0 0 4.0
149 Curtis Doctor (Reinhardt) over Brent Hudgins (Midway) Fall 6:15 0 6.0
157 Nolan Saxton (Reinhardt) over Lee Johnson (Midway) Fall 6:24 0 6.0
165 Justin George (Reinhardt) over Elijah Miller (Midway) Fall 5:46 0 6.0
174 Michael Carew (Reinhardt) over Sterling Griffin (Midway) Dec 9-2 0 3.0
184 Antonio Stewart (Reinhardt) over Richard Almodovar (Midway) Fall 2:22 0 6.0
197 Jacob Henderson (Reinhardt) over Isaiah McDougal (Midway) Maj 13-4 0 4.0
285 Nicholas Jarvis (Reinhardt) over Carl Whitehead (Midway) Fall 2:09 0 6.0
Score: 45-3

Milner got his squad off to another hot start with a 5-0 decision over fifth-ranked Montana Moon of Oklahoma City at the 125-pound division. The Stars would bounce back with a 3-point decision at 133 pounds as well, but then the Eagles claimed back-to-back wins to go ahead by nine points at 12-3. The two top-five teams would then alternate blows the rest of the way as the low-scoring affair would come to a close in favor of Reinhardt after a 3-2 decision from Jarvis at the heavyweight spot.

No. 2 Reinhardt vs. No. 5 Oklahoma City (24-12)
125 Koby Milner (Reinhardt) over No. 5 Montana Moon (Oklahoma City) Dec 5-0 0 3.0
133 Drake Foster (Oklahoma City) over Jordan Pitt (Reinhardt) Dec 18-13 3.0 0
141 Trent Leon (Reinhardt) over Jaxen Gilmore (Oklahoma City) Inj 5:56 0 6.0
149 Curtis Doctor (Reinhardt) over Connor Holman (Oklahoma City) Dec 9-4 0 3.0
157 Jon McGowan (Oklahoma City) over nolan saxton (Reinhardt) SV-1 6-4 3.0 0
165 Justin George (Reinhardt) over RJ Walker (Oklahoma City) Maj 11-2 0 4.0
174 Chase Vincent (Oklahoma City) over Cole Tenety (Reinhardt) Dec 7-4 3.0 0
184 Antonio Stewart (Reinhardt) over Kaden Truelove (Oklahoma City) TF 17-0 0 5.0
197 Easton Rendleman (Oklahoma City) over Jacob Henderson (Reinhardt) D 7-4 3.0 0
285 Nicholas Jarvis (Reinhardt) over Ryan Bracken (Oklahoma City) Dec 3-2 0 3.0
Score: 24-12

Another rematch with in-state foe Life took place on Saturday in Kentucky as the Running Eagles prevailed in a slugfest against Reinhardt, 21-13, and handed the hometown Eagles their second loss of the year after a fall in the heavyweight division at 5:00 – with Life ahead, 15-13 – in a bout that would solely decide the winner. Milner grabbed his third victory of the weekend with a decision at 125, but the Running Eagles would squeak out four-straight triumphs: 9-5, 8-7, 6-4 and 3-1 to put Reinhardt in a 12-3 hole.

The Eagles would take three out of the next four to get back within striking distance of winning, especially after Antonio Stewart (197 pounds) won a major decision, 9-1. The back-and-forth affair would then award six crucial points to Life after a five-minute battle.

No. 2 Reinhardt vs. No. 15 Life (Ga.) (21-13)
125 Koby Milner (Reinhardt) over Chase Ayers (Life) Dec 11-5 0 3.0
133 Tramon Jenkins (Life) over Jordan Pitt (Reinhardt) Dec 9-5 3.0 0
141 Julian Hernandez (Life) over Trent Leon (Reinhardt) Dec 8-7 3.0 0
149 Marcelo Sierra (Life) over Curtis Doctor (Reinhardt) SV-1 6-4 3.0 0
157 Osvani Ley (Life) over Nolan Saxton (Reinhardt) SV-1 3-1 3.0 0
165 Justin George (Reinhardt) over Sid Ohl (Life) Dec 3-0 0 3.0
174 Mason McDaniel (Life) over Cole Tenety (Reinhardt) Dec 11-8 3.0 0
184 Michael Carew (Reinhardt) over Phillip McBride (Life) TB-1 6-4 0 3.0
197 Antonio Stewart (Reinhardt) over Diallo Matsimella (Life) Maj 9-1 0 4.0
285 Andre Bissainthe (Life) over Nicholas Jarvis (Reinhardt) Fall 5:00 6.0 0
Score: 21-13

It was déjà vu for Reinhardt against Baker in the final battle of the weekend at the National Duals, as the Wildcats and Eagles went toe-to-toe all the way to the final match on the card in the heavyweight division. The Eagles were able to overcome a 9-0 hole and a 12-3 disadvantage to soar ahead by one at 13-12 following a pair of technical falls by Nolan Saxton and Justin George.

Baker would sneak back ahead on the very next bout as both clubs went back-and-forth the rest of the way as all the marbles fell onto the matchup at 285 pounds. Nicholas Jarvis came through in the clutch with a monumental finish to the afternoon with a clinching 3-1 decision to propel the hometown team to 14-2 on the year.

No. 2 Reinhardt vs. No. 6 Baker (Kan.) (20-18)
125 Emmanuel Browne (Baker) over Koby Milner (Reinhardt) Dec 6-3 3.0 0
133 Zane Baugh (Baker) over Jordan Pitt (Reinhardt) Fall 4:01 6.0 0
141 Jody McAlister (Reinhardt) over Asiel Flores (Baker) Dec 5-2 0 3.0
149 Levi Green (Baker) over Curtis Doctor (Reinhardt) Dec 7-5 3.0 0
157 Nolan Saxton (Reinhardt) over Chance Sullivan (Baker) TF 24-9 0 5.0
165 Justin George (Reinhardt) over Gabe Hodge (Baker) TF 22-7 0 5.0
174 Lucas Lovvorn (Baker) over Michael Carew (Reinhardt) Dec 7-0 3.0 0
184 Antonio Stewart (Reinhardt) over Jacob Smith (Baker) Maj 10-2 0 4.0
197 David Dow (Baker) over Jacob Henderson (Reinhardt) Dec 10-5 3.0 0
285 Nicholas Jarvis (Reinhardt) over Jake Miller (Baker) Dec 3-1 0 3.0
Score: 20-18

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